Saturday, April 7, 2012

I recently returned from a trip to China, many of you have asked about it so I thought I would share a little about my experience.   This post is not about food storage so if you are looking for the recipe there isn't one.  

My brother and his cute wife live in China.  My brother is temporarily (if you can call 18 months temporary) working in Xiamen.  Xiamen is located on the eastern coast, due west of Taiwan. 

My mother, sisters and I had the opportunity to visit them and explore a little farther into the country.   It was quite the adventure.  (Thanks for donating your frequent flyer miles Dad! Your the best!)

We were able to visit Hong Kong, Xiamen, and Beijing.   China was much more foreign then I had anticipated.  I have traveled to Europe and thought that the experience would be similar.  It was not.  Everything in China was different (not bad mind you just very different).  The food, the lifestyle, the attitudes, the living conditions, the smell, the shopping. 

The thing that I enjoyed the most was visiting the Great Wall.  When I was there standing on the wall looking at how far it went in every direction I was amazed.  A gigantic wall running for miles and mile on the tops of the mountains, made entirely by hand.   As my husband would say it was “epic”