Monday, January 17, 2011

Whole Egg Powder

Recently some of you have asked about using whole egg powder.  I love powdered eggs. Before I bought  egg powder it seemed like I was always out of eggs.  I was buying them at Sams  3 dozen eggs at a time and I was still always out.  Nothing ruins your molment of domesticity like having to run to the store to buy eggs to make cookies with.
I now use powdered eggs in everything I cook that has eggs in it. With the exception of hard boiled eggs and fried eggs.  I use it in scrambled eggs, in french toast, in bread pudding. I use it in baking in cakes, cookies, and breads.  Hopefully this will insprie you to use egg powder too. 

Things to Know About Whole Egg Powder

  1. Shelf Life: Sealed in the can 5 years, opened on the shelf 6 months. THRIVE powdered eggs do not need to be refrigerated until reconstituted.
  2. How many eggs in a can? 236 medium eggs. That is over 19 dozen eggs.  Powdered eggs are cheaper then purchasing eggs in the grocery store, costs about $1.00 per dozen eggs to use powdered. 
  3. You can eat raw cookie dough again. You can avoid some food born illnesses like Salmonella because the powdered egg are pasteurized and can be used "raw" unlike fresh eggs.
  4. If you are replacing Large eggs add 2 Tablespoons eggs powder and ¼ cup water.
  5. In some cooked egg recipes like omelets I prefer to use ½ powdered eggs and ½ normal eggs.
To Use Whole Powdered Eggs in a Cooked Egg Recipe (like scrambled eggs):
For each medium egg needed: Add 1 Tablespoon egg powder plus 2 Tablespoons water. Mix until no lumps remain. Let sit 2 minutes. Use as directed in recipe. I like to add a small amount of regular milk or powdered milk to the eggs when scrambling.

To Use Whole Egg Powder in Baked Goods:
Powdered eggs do NOT need to be reconstituted in order to be used in baked goods such as cake, cookies, or bread. Add the dry egg powder when you add the dry ingredients and the water when you add the wet.

In Baking Add to the dry ingredients Add to the wet ingredients
To replace 1 medium egg 1 Tablespoon egg powder 2 Tablespoons water
To replace 2 medium egg 2 Tablespoon egg powder 1/4 Cup water
To replace 3 medium egg 3 Tablespoon egg powder 6 Tablespoons water
To replace 4 medium egg 4 Tablespoon egg powder 1/2 Cup water
If you are replacing large eggs (I have found that in most recipes, the medium egg replacement works great) 2 Tablespoons egg powder 1/4 Cup water