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Why Did I become A Shelf Reliance Consultant? 

1.        Because I am passionate about food storage and being prepared. 

When Matt and I got married we were blessed to receive many generous presents, including quite a bit of cash.  At the time we were both students and making very little money, I think maybe $400.00  a month.  With some of the cash we were able to start an emergency fund.  This is money that is set aside for an emergency.  Over the years we guarded this money very carefully and added to it.  We also built up a sizable amount of food storage for our family.  In March of 2009 we moved in to a new home.  In April of 2009 our home flooded. That spring with the help of our family we cleaned it up and got our home livable again.  The first week of June that same year the canal behind our house overflowed and we suffered a catastrophic flood.

This is the back of our home where most of the water came in. Where you see water is usually grass and flowers.  You can see the sandbagged window, the water ended up going over the sandbags but they did help for a while.

 In just a few minutes we had feet of standing water in our yard and house.  Because the water was from an “outside” water source there was no insurance coverage or compensation.  This was a very difficult time for me.  Our neighbors (who we didn’t even know) came to our rescue that night and our family and friends helped us demolish the basement, and then rebuild it.  It was needless to say a very expensive flood.   As we rebuilt our home we were able to use the emergency money that we had saved.  And let me tell you how ever much money you have saved up for an emergency, it is not enough.
My cute daughter helping with the demolition after flood number 2
During this time we ate a lot of the food storage we had built up over the past years.  Shelve Reliance is a Utah food storage company that makes a huge variety of long lasting freeze dried foods for a very reasonable price. This allowed us to use some of the money we would have spent at the grocery store to rebuild our home.  Our house is now mostly back together, we have painted wall and carpet on the floor, and more importantly we now understand that the horrible things  can and do happen to anyone.  I know our flood was only a very small personal disaster and that many people have experienced tremendous tragedy and my heart aches for them.  This spring as I have been watching the destruction that seems to be happening all over our country and world I have been heart sick for the peoples whose lives will never be the same.  And I hope that they are prepared.

How has it worked for us:  I became a Shelf Reliance consultant because it was a great way for me to add to my food storage and emergency preparedness supplies at a great discount.  For example this month I am order about $300.00 in Shelf Reliance products, all I will pay is the tax and shipping,   I am defiantly building my food storage and preparedness level.    Not every month is quite that high but each time I order free products I love that my family is becoming more prepared and I am being frugal about it.

2.       Because I wanted a little extra income.
Over the year of so before I became a Shelf Reliant consultant I was looking for a way to earn a little extra income.  I am a stay at home mom, and I love it.  My sister and her husband started listening to the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University CD’s.  They talked about them a lot and after they had listened to them they lent them to me.  I listened to all of them and I really liked the message.  Many of the principles that Dave highlights we were already living but some of his suggestions we needed to implement.  After our flood we no longer had an emergency fund, and I hated it.  Every month when I did the budget I hated that we did not have one.   We also believe like Dave does that you should save money for upcoming purchases, we had a couple of huge things coming up (new baby, new fence, new roof, and new car) that I could not figure out how to save for. The numbers just didn’t add up.  As I was thinking about all of this I knew I did not want to go back into the traditional work force and that I needed something that I could do at home while my kids were napping.   I checked into a couple of  home party companies but after a lot of research found that most consultants didn’t make much if any money.  When I was introduced to Shelf Reliance I loved the fact that consultants were actually making money.  When I was thinking about becoming a consultant I spoke to Sariah, my enroller, and told her of my concern.

She said “What? Why would you spend your time doing something that only breaks even?  That is ridiculous”  and I must admit I agree.  She also told me about her experiences  and what kind of money she was making every month.  So with the encouragement of my husband I decided to do it.
How has it worked for us?  Better than I thought it would.  Each month my income from Shelf Reliance has grown with last month’s check being over $1000.00.   I had a slow start but as my business builds so does my monthly income.  So far with the money I have earned from Shelf Reliance we have, build a fence, gone on vacation, and built up our Emergency fund

If you are interested in finding out more about how to become a Shelf Reliance Consultant e-mail me at

Would you love to stay at home with your children AND earn income while doing it?  If you are interested in earning extra cash for a car payment, house payment, college expenses, vacations, shopping money, or if you just want to build your food storage and don't know how to afford it then email me because I would LOVE to help you do it! I want to help you achieve success.  In this economy, it’s always nice to have a back-up plan and income.

You don't have to be a stay at home mom.  You can be retired, a college student, a single gal or dude. Anyone can do what I do! If you have good people skills you can become successful with Shelf Reliance, just by sharing the greatness of their fabulous food storage, shelving and emergency preparedness items.

How To Earn As A Consultant

Party Commissions
Conduct a Shelf Reliance Party and earn commission on sales made at the party. All orders not placed through the THRIVE Q, including Food Rotation Systems, Emergency Supplies and one time THRIVE orders, will be paid out at a 10% commission rate. You will receive 20% - 32% commission for those you set up on the THRIVE Q.
See graph on right.

Recurring Commissions
One of the greatest parts about being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is getting a 5% reoccurring commission check monthly! With Shelf Reliance's proprietary Food Storage Planner and monthly payment program THRIVE Q, it's easy for people to build a long term food storage on a monthly budget. Once they experience the great taste of THRIVE and learn to incorporate it on a regular basis, they'll likely remain Shelf Reliance customers for life. What does it mean for you? Monthly commission checks for life
Host Your Own Party
When you host a party with your own family and friends, you will receive the same benefits as when you conduct a party for someone else. However, since you are hosting the party, you will also receive host benefits.

Build a Team
Enroll others to join your team as consultants and earn $50 each time! As your team grows, you will also receive commissions from all of your consultants' parties, sales, and THRIVE Q signups for up to 3 levels below you. Click here to see requirements for team earnings.

Are you Ready to Sign Up? 
When you are ready to become a consultant what do you need to do?
1.     Choose which starter package you want (see Consultant Material List)
2.     Define why you are going to be a consultant.  
1.     Do you want to build your own food storage
2.     Pay off a credit card or other debt
3.     Start a new hobby
4.     Change your life by getting in at the ground floor of this business opportunity
3.     Go to the website: and click on the START HERE button.  It will ask for the Enroller information.
4.     Heather Lorimer, 435-535-1470,, consultant number #1209
5.     Or give me a call and I will walk you through the process.
6.     Choose a date to host your first party 

Need More Information? 
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*In  to receive commissions, all consultants must set up a personal THRIVE Q plan for $50 - $300 in product each month. It is imperative that consultants learn to use and cook with THRIVE on a regular basis. This will give them an authentic ability to teach about and help new users understand the THRIVE Q and all the benefits that THRIVE Foods have to offer.

How Do I Get the Best Deals From Shelf Reliance? 

Order from my Consultant Store.  
Shelf Reliance consultants ALWAYS have the best price. Better then, better then retail stores, and better then unnamed big box stores.    Ordering from my online store allows you to shop any time.  You do not have to host or attend a Shelf Reliance party to get this discount. You do not need a coupon code.  To receive the discount all you have to do is make it to the correct URL.

Sign Up for my newsletter  
Shelf Reliance occasionally has unadvertised deals that are only available through a consultant.  Whenever these deals happen I alert my newsletter subscribers.  There is an newsletter sign up in the right hand column on this blog.  I post many of these deals in the Best Deals page. 

Host a party
Shelf Reliance offers great benefits to its party hosts.   If you are interested in hosting a party and live in the US, please contact me and I will be happy to get you in contact with an excellent consultant that lives near you.

Sign Up as a Consultant
Shelf Reliance consultants who are actively working their business receive great discounts; including free and ½ off products.   As a Shelf Reliance consultant you will be able to customize your business to fit your strengths; you may choose to do home parties, expos, online sales, or sales from a retail establishment. If you are interested in becoming a consultant contact me.