About Me - Shelf Reliance

My name is Heather and I write the Cooking with My Food Storage blog to help people use their food storage to make delicious convenient meals.  I am not a full time blogger.  I am a full time mother, I blog during nap times or late at night when the kids are sleeping.

I started this blog in October of 2010, in order to share my experiences cooking with the food storage items I was storing.  I was in love with the new line of THRIVE Freeze Dried Foods but could not find any recipes using these new food storage items that worked for my family. “ Is  healthy delicious family meals that were easy to prepare and used food storage ingredients too much to ask?”  I thought that is was not.  In another time and place I was a Home Economics teacher, so I figured if I could develop recipes on a limited budget for squirrely seventh graders to cook, I could definitely make easy, tasty, meals from my food storage. 

My family, of 5, really does eat the food storage recipes that I share.   Here are our favorites: 
·         Cookies
·         Cookies
·         Cookies
·         Cookies
Oh wait we have to eat something besides cookies, at least that is what I tell my kids.  Here are our non cookie favorites.

My Kids:
·         Lime Chicken Tacos

My Husband:  
·          The Best Burritos
·         Freeze Biscuits
·         German Pancakes 
My Favorites:
·         Ski Country Pasta
·         BBQ Pizza
I am in love with  THRIVE foods.  I like THRIVE so much I decided to become a Shelf Reliance Consultant.  This is food storage that is long lasting (25 years), great tasting, and easy to use.   I knew that THRIVE freeze dried food was the perfect food storage for our family  when my 6 year old asked if Santa could bring him freeze dried pineapple. (Yes, Santa does bring freeze dried pineapple to our house).  If you are interested in the company or finding more about the products I would love to talk to you about it. 

To contact me e-mail me at heather@teamshelfreliance.com