Monday, April 11, 2011

Shelf Reliance Coupon Code

Where can I find a Shelf Reliance Coupon Code?

I get asked that a lot.  But the truth is you don't need one. When you order through me you or my online store you automatically get 20-40% off.  Don't you love it. No more searching the web for a special code. 

Let me show you some examples: 
Freeze Dried Broccoli:  This month broccoli is on sale, when you order through me you can buy a number 10 can for $15.39.  The retail price is $19.19. That is a savings of  20%

When you are a Platinum Q customer (which is free when you have a Q over $100.00) you get extra discounts. This month Strawberries are on sale for Q customers. 
#10 Can $20.02, 25% off! Case (6 - #10 cans) $102.98, 30% off!

All the Food Rotation Systems are discounted always discounted when bought from a consultants.  Usually they are discounted from 36-53% off!!
Our most popular shelf  is the Harvest 72 is is on sale for $263.99 that is 43% off.

The Emergency Supplies are also a great deal. 
A 2 Person Survival Pack is on sale for $89.99 wich is 44% off.  

Here is a beautiful flier (I designed it myself and I think it is awesome) it has a complete list of all of the Spring Sales.