Saturday, July 16, 2011

Emergency Prepardness in the News

There have been some great articles about emergency preparedness in the news lately.  I thought I would share the best of them.
7/4/2011   The Key To Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors
I loved this article. It made me want to be more involved in my community.  I love the idea of neighbors helping neighbors in an emergency. 

7/3/2011  Raising Children to Be Ready for Life
This very extensive article discusses how the author has taught her children to be ready for emergencies and for life.  I found the article insightful with a lot of suggestions I am going to implement.

7/15/2011 Hurricane Preparedness: Before, During and After a Flood
If you live in a hurricane prone area (and even if you don't) this is a great read on preparing for a flood.

7/13/2011 Waffle House Index helps to weather disasters
I think that this idea is groundbreaking.  For a business to have a disaster preparedness plan in place and functioning is very progressive.