Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An apology and how to back up your blog

I just wanted to apologies to all of the subscribers out there.  Last night this blog suffered a cataclysmic event.  I do back up my blog and consequently got most everything back up.  But then this morning while reading my Google Reader I realized it had sent all of my posts out to subscribers again. EEEK!   I’m so sorry.  I hope you don’t hate me for filling up your reader or inbox with posts you have already read. 

A note to bloggers:  If you are not backing up your blog you should do it right now. It is easy and sometime you are going to need it. I recommend backing it up once a week. 

Here is how to back up your blog if you use blogger:

To back up your template:
1.        Click Design
2.       Click Edit in HTML
3.       Click Download Full Template
4.       Choose Save File and click okay

To back up your content:
1.       Settings
2.       Export blog
3.       Download Blog
4.       Choose Save File and click okay