Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are yor preparing for a hurricane? Tips from around the web

Hurricane Norbert at 2045Z on Oct 10, 2008

photo source: CoreBurn
Many of you are bracing for the upcoming storm, and even if you are not in the path of the storm this is a good time to make sure your emergency plan and supplies are up to date.

There have been a slew of great articles about how prepare and what to do.  Here is a list of the best from around the web and a tip from me. 

1.   Safe Guard Your Personal Records:  from Montclair Patch

The sum up:  Make sure you have your valuable documents (tax returns,  car titles, etc.) stored in a secure place.

My take:  I cannot overstate the importance of this.  If you have not taken steps to ensure you vital documents will be safe then do it now.  I suggest making a financial paper work binder.  Storing it in a safe place and taking it with you when you evacuate.

2.  Identify Information sources:  From CBC News Canada

The Sum Up:  Make sure you know the best information sources for your area. Remember that often in a hurricane internet and television may be out of service.

 My take:  Everyone should have an NOAA emergency radio.  I recommend the kind that has several ways to charge the battery (hand crank, solar cells, battery etc).  I also really like the kind that has an auto alert feature, this will tell you when a weather or other alert for your area has been issued.  I personally have this radio and love it. An extra bonus is you can charge your cell phone from the radio.  Nice! 

3.  Things not to do during a hurricane: From Associated Content (okay this article is an oldie but a goodie)

The Sum Up:  You are not superman and a hurricane is dangerous use your head and don't put yourself or your loved ones in danger.

My take:  It is surprising to me that every time there is a natural disaster I see you tube videos featuring people doing stupid things.  Do you remember the videos of people surfing in the Japanese tsunami?  It doesn't not take a genius to know that is a bad idea.  Be cautious and stay safe.

4.  My Tip:   Let Your People Know.

In everything I have read recently about hurricane preparedness I keep hoping I’ll see this mentioned but since none of them do I will.  You have a plan, you know what you are going to do, so let the people that care about you know in advance.  This will let your mother sleep at night and keep every member of your family from calling you ever hour.  My sister used to live in hurricane country and every time there was a forecast that the hurricane might hit her state my mom, grandmothers, and everyone else started worrying.  If you are in the path of the hurricane or even if you are sort of close.  Let your family and friends know that you have a plan and when they can expect to hear from you.  A quick e-mail will save a lot of worry for “your people.”     Here is the emergency plan that my extended family uses.  We have each family member fill it out and then print it off and store it with our emergency supplies. 
What would you add to the list?