Monday, December 5, 2011

Want Free Shipping from Shelf Reliance?

Shelf Reliance is currently offering a deal for FREE shipping to all Platinum Q-Club members (new and current).  All orders over $200, before tax and shipping, from Platinum Q customers in December qualify for this FREE shipping offer.

Not sure what to order? 

I love my Harvest Shelf ($264.00 Add it to the cart to see the discounted price). 

You can buy enough food to feed a family of 5 for a year with the 1 year essentials food storage package ($3,841.99).  

 Or you can build your own package with food, shelving and/or emergency supplies using the Thrive Planner.   Using the planner it is easy to create a customized food plan.  (Yeah no lima beans for us)

Once you have enrolled as a Platinum Q-club member and your total is over $200, the free shipping will reflect in your cart.

How do I become a Platinum Q Customer? 

It is easy.  You set up a Q of $100 or more.  A Q is a monthly food storage plan that you design and customize for your family.  You choose the items you want and how much money you want to spend each month.  The computer then builds a cart from your product list that comes close to (but not over) the budget you set.  This is then billed and shipped on the day you choose each month.  I use my Q to build up my food storage over time and to replace the items like Freeze Dried Pineapple that get eaten as soon as they are opened.   

As a Platinum Q customer, you receive additional benefits like monthly Q-pons (usually ~30% off), exclusive recipes, gifts, rewards points and in December – FREE shipping.

I am already a Q customer how do I know 
if it is Platinum?  

To check if you already have a Platinum Q log into the Shelf Reliance website for managing your Q.  If you see the Platinum Q logo in the top right corner then you are a Platinum member.   

If you have a Q and would like to become a platinum member just adjust your budget up to $100 or more.  

I’m happy to help you manage your Q this month to get free shipping!
Please send me an e-mail or give me a call at 435-535-1470.