Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shelf Reliance Harvest 72 Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for participating.

I love my readers and since this is the month of love  and I know you all love giveaways so……………
I am giving away a Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ Food Rotation System.   

 This giveaway is worth $459.99

But since you are a savvy shopper and know that you can always get Shelf Reliance Products for less from a consultant it is a $265.00 value.  Yup that is right buying a Harvest from a consultant like me saves you $194.99. If you are going to check it out on my website you have to put it in your cart to see the discount

The Harvest 72 comes in two configurations.  
The Harvest 72-- holds small, medium and large cans like the photo above. 
The Harvest 72 #10--holds only large gallon size (number 10 cans).  The winner can choose which they prefer.  
 How To Enter:

You are eligible for up to 4 entries as outlined below. The giveaway starts now and  ends on Febuary29, 2012 at midnight, MST. So be sure to submit your comments before then! We will announce the winner here on our blog, March 1st. Good luck!
Be sure to check back to see if you  are the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Anyone who comments on this blog entry will be entered to win the Harvest 72″.  Each comment counts as a separate entry.  You must be a follower of Cooking with My Food Storage to qualify ( I will check so don't forget this step). There are 4 ways to enter.

(1) The 1st entry  is earned by being a follower of this blog and answering this question.   “What food storage item do you want to learn more about?”  Leave a comment on this post saying “I’m a follower and I would like to learn more about using powdered butter in baking”

(2) The 2nd entry  is earned by signing up to receive the Cooking with My Food Storage  newsletter. The newsletter is the best way to know about great deals, recipes, and promotions.  When you’ve signed up, leave a comment on this blog post. This comment should include your first and last name, along with something like, “I signed up for the newsletter.” To sign up for the newsletter look on the right side of this blog, it is in the Stay Up To Date box.

 (3) The 3rd entry is earned by submitting a Reader Recipe  or a Great Place to Put Food Storage.
  It is easy fill out either form with your favorite food storage recipe,  or idea on how to store your food storage.   If you are submitting a "Great Place to Put Food storage"  please e-mail me a few photos at .  When you have submitted the form please leave a comment that includes your first and last name and says something like “I submitted Chicken Pasta as a reader recipe”   You recipe or idea might be featured in an upcoming “Reader Recipe” or "Where Do I store my Food Storage" post. 

(4) The 4th entry is earned by sharing this giveaway post. You can blog about it, tweet, or post to Facebook.   Whichever you do be sure to let me know and include a link so I can check it out.  Then comment on this post saying “I blogged about this post you can read about it at my blog:” 
Important Things:
1. Each of the four comments counts as a separate entry. If you just leave one comment that says you’ve done all three things, you’ll only be entered to win once, so be careful about that!

2. The winner will be chosen randomly, and we’ll be certain to verify that the winning entry is legitimate and fair. Any entries that aren’t in accordance with the giveaway rules will be disqualified and removed.

3.  You must be a follower of this blog to qualify.  Yes I do check to make sure you are. 

4.  If you decide to purchase a Harvest through me before the giveaway ends and you win I will be happy to refund your money.  

5.  If you are leaving a comment as “anonymous” be sure to leave your name .  I can't award a price to anonymous, that would just be silly.   

6.  I can only ship this shelf to those living in the continental United Stated.  Sorry. 

It’s time to get commenting! I’m so excited to give this Harvest 72″ away!