Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

On Friday’s I like to spotlight some of my favorite food storage and emergency preparedness links from the week.  You can join in the fun by linking up your favorite posts from the week below.   

The Prudent Homemaker wrote an excellent piece about "Food Inflation and What I Plan to Do About it".   This post lead me to an older post that is well worth a read.  "How to Eat Beans Every Night"  If you have ever wondered how you are going to eat all of those beans in your food storage this is a great article.  I especially love that she shares recipes and ideas for bean recipes that do no include any meat or cheese, both tricky items to store.

King Arthur Flour did an in depth over view of Cocoa, called "The A-B-C's of Cocoa:  Making the Best Choice for every recipe"  This is one of the best comparisons I've seen.  And since I need chocolate and I definitely need it in my food storage this was eye opening.

Now it is your turn.  What have you been doing this week?  Share your prepardness and food storage blog posts as a part of our link party.