Sunday, December 26, 2010

January Menu Plan

Now the holidays are over I am menu planning again.  Here is my January Menu Plan. If you would like a copy of the word document so you can edit it e-mail me and I'll send it to you.
January Menu Plan a Google Document 

If you are just starting menu planning a couple of things that I have found to be helpful are:
1.  Choose a couple of catagories  for example each week I plan a soup and bread night, a kids favorite, a international, and a vegetarian.  Having catagories makes it easier to come up with ideas.
2.  Don't try to be June Cleave (unless of course you are)  when you first start planning menus it is easy to get carried away and plan a Thanksgiving dinner every night.  Plan what you really eat. If you eat peanutbutter and jelly, then write it on your menu.
3. Don't try to many new recipes. Your family finds comfort in consistency.  My son loves to eat turkey sandwiches for lunch.  I think it is the consistency he likes, he knows what to plan for and expect.
4. Do get the input of your family.  Have an activity where everyone suggest their favorite meals. 
5.  Survay your food storage before you plan your menu.  This allows you to plan to use that roast in your freezer and the oats in your basement. It also helps cut down on trips to the grocery store.
6.  Be Flexible.  The point of the plan is to be organized, to use your food storage, and to not have to ask what is for dinner every day.  If your plans change for the day be flexible with your menu plan.