Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Storage Book Review: "I Can't Believe It's Food Storage" By Crystal Godfrey

The first blog I ever followed (okay it was really more stalking) was Crystal Godfry's blog Everyday Food Storage.  The reason I liked it is she takes food storage ingredients and makes simple recipes that my family will eat.  It is the same reason I like her book  "I Can't Believe It's Food Storage".

Book Contents:
1. Getting Your Family Involved
2. Creating Your Three-Month Supply
3. Building Your One-year Supply
Step 4 Using Powdered Milk
5. Using Powdered Eggs
6. Using Whole Wheat
7. Using Dried Beans
8. Using Dried Vegetables and Fruit

Our Experience:
I have had this cookbook for a while and I really like it.  We have made many of the recipes, including, whole wheat bread EZ bread, no-Fail Deep Dish Pizza, Cheese Burger Mac and Cheese,  and Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I have had great success, her recipes are easy to follow and work well. My family eats them and likes them.

What I like:
1.  I like how the book is set up. Each food storage ingredient is given it's own section. In the section she gives great information about the product and any information that you need to be successful.  The the recipes are divided into sub sections.  For example in the powdered eggs section it is broken down into baking with powdered eggs, breakfast with powdered eggs, and extending eggs using powdered eggs.
2.  The recipes match how I cook.  I like to eat good food, and I generally like simple food.  the recipes in this book are simple and tasty.  Just what I want.
3.  With each recipe she includes a snippet about it.  Like "This casserole is great to use left over ham".  I like that in a cookbook.  I want to know the story behind the recipe.  I want to know how she really uses it. I makes me feel like it is a friend sharing the recipe.  

What I don't like:

1. I wish there were more photos of the recipes.  I know I say this every time but it is true. There are some photos in the book but not nearly enough for this visual learner.  I always want cookbooks, to have large colorful well labeled photos.  
2. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the recipe I want.  when I got this book I sat down and read it cover to cover.  I highly suggest that.  But now when I am looking for a recipe I can never find it. I always wind up flipping through the index a couple of times before I find it. 
My rating: 
4 out of 4 start. This book is not perfect but I love it.  I even give it as wedding presents.  I would highly suggest it for anyone who is interested in food storage.

I contacted Crystal and asked if I could share a recipe from her book. She never got back to me so until she does you will just have to buy the book. 

People always ask if I got sent the book or if I am getting paid to review it, and the answer is no.  I purchased the book and I am not getting paid to review it.  (although this book is sold by Shelf Reliance and if you want to buy a copy I would love to help you with that, e-mail me