Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Every year on New Years day I like to make resolutions, okay not resolutions in the traditional sense of the word, but I like to get things done that need doing that will help us be ready for the new year. Here is what we are doing today.

  1. Emergency Plan-putting together an emergency plan doesn’t have to take a long time. I am using this checklist. Two years ago our house flooded unexpectedly from the canal behind our house overflowing. One minuet we were watching the rainstorm out the window and the next we had a waterfall in our basement that left feet of water and thousands of dollars of damage. This experience really helped me understand that an emergency can happen anytime to anyone. Take a few minutes and get your family a little more prepared this year.

    Emergency Plan Checklist
  2. Water Storage-We have 72 hours worth of water stored in the basement. At least that is the plan. When we moved into our new house we emptied the containers so that we did not move the water, and well we never filled them up again. So today we are going to. Not sure what to do? Click to see many water storage and purification options.
    • Store at least one gallon of water per person, per day in a cool, dark place.Additional water should be reserved for personal hygiene and food preparation.
    • Choose Appropriate Containers Clean, sanitize, and thoroughly rinse all containers prior to use. A sanitizing solution can be prepared by adding 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid household chlorine bleach (5 to 6% sodium hypochlorite) to one quart (1 liter) of water. Only household bleach without thickeners, scents, or additives should be used.
    • Do not use plastic milk jugs, because they do not seal well and tend to become brittle over time.
    • Do not use containers previously used to store non-food products.
    • Choose appropriate containers for water storage; disinfect before use. Use only food-grade containers. Smaller containers made of PETE plastic or heavier plastic buckets or drums work well.
    • If necessary, treat water with a chlorine bleach solution prior to storage to prevent buildup of harmful bacteria or pathogens. Replace water every six months.
    • If your water is treated commercially by a water utility, it is not necessary to treat water before storing it. The American Red Cross and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency recommend the following procedure for treating water for storage:
      • Add six drops (1/8 teaspoon) of unscented bleach per gallon of water.
      • Stir and let stand for 30 minutes.
      • If the water does not taste and smell of chlorine after 30 minutes, add another dose of 1/8 teaspoon and let stand another 15 minutes.
      • Seal the containers and label with contents and date of preparation.
  3. Q-Update-The Thrive Q is a easy and affordable way to build your food storage. It works like a Netflix. you make a long list of what items you want to add to your food storage and set a budget of how much you want to spend. Then each month you are sent products from your list upto the budget that you set. It is totally customizable and as a customer you are totally in control of it. I set my THRIVE Q up last march and I love it. I am building my food storage and don't have to clip coupons or watch sales because with Shelf Reliance you know you are always getting a great price. So today I am going to add some items to my Q I was not sure about when I set it up. Here is my list:
    1. Freeze Dried Bananas-when my husband tried these he said "in an emergency I want to be eating these!" my brother in law said "it is like a bananna explosion in your mouth"
    2. Freeze Dried Apricots-I love apricots, and after trying the freeze dried apricots, I am sold.
    3. TVP-we have been eating the taco TVP for a while now and really like it. My sister in law Christi and her family have been telling me how much they like all the flavors so we are going to start adding the others into our diet and food storage.

    If you are thinking about setting up a Q January is the best time. The Q-Club promotion gets you Platinum membership for free if you sign up in January. Check it out.

    ** Be sure you talk to me if you are intersted. If you set your Q up on your own, you do not get the promotion. **

I hope you have a great new year, and accomplish some of your goals today.