Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where Do I Put My Food Storage? 3 Ideas from Pinterest

Anyone who is committed to food storage knows that it takes up a lot of space.  The thing I find to be most important is to be a little creative.  Your home is unique and what works for you might not work for me.   These three ideas have been inspiring to me.

I have been collecting ideas on pinterest for a while and wanted to share the best I have found.

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1.  Inside The Wall Behind a Door

This product is ingenious for those living in a place with very limited storage space.
The shelf is literally in the wall.  Not something you want in your living room, but it could be a good option for a closet, storage room, or possibly the kitchen.

2.  Utilize Door Storage

 There are several commercially available racks that can be fastened to doors or over the top of doors.  These racks can organize small things leaving more space for other larger food storage items.  Over the door organization is a simple way to free up room in any storage space, and to give you access to smaller items that might get lost at the back of a shelf.

(You can find bins like the ones on the shelf with the cut outs at the front at Wal-mart--in stores, They are AWESOME,  they are my MOST favorite organizing item.  They are stack-able, cheep and hold a ton.)

3.   Convert a Closet to a Food Storage Area

When you do this you are giving up some other storage but this allows you to have your food storage organized in a temperature controlled area.  Most closets already have some shelving, but if they don't it is fairly easy to install.  Closets you might think about converting are:

Linen  Closet--Store linens where you use them, towels in the bathroom, sheets in the bed room, etc.

Coat Closet--Consider winnowing down the number of coats and jackets you own and hanging the remaining on hooks in an entry way, stair way, or hallway.

Guest Room Closet--Most guests stay a short time and could store their possessions in a dresser or armoire.

Home Office Closet--If there is a closet in your home office this can be an ideal place for long term food storage.