Monday, October 10, 2011

Shelf Reliance Cansolidator Giveaway

 And I think you will to.

I'm giving away 2 cansolidators to one lucky winner. 

Why is a Cansolidator so great? 
  •  Rotates cans on a first in first out basis 
  • Holds up to 40 cans 
  • Holds over 100 pounds 
  • Stores small and medium cans (from tuna size all the way to medium 30 oz. cans) 
  • Adjustable width (20" at its widest)
  • Units may be stacked for space optimization

How To Enter:

You are eligible for up to 4 entries as outlined below. The giveaway starts now and ends on October 17th, 2011 at midnight, MST. So be sure to submit your comments before then!  Winner will be announced on October 18th and the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.
Good luck! Be sure to check back to see if you  are the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Anyone who comments on this blog entry will be entered to win.  Each comment counts as a separate entry.  You must be a follower of Cooking with My Food Storage to qualify ( I will check so don't forget this step). There are 4 ways to enter, you can do just one of them or all 4.

(1) The 1st entry  is earned by being a follower of this blog.  After you sign up to be a follower leave a comment include your first and last name, along with “I am a follower” if you are already a follower, you still get to count this entry, just tell leave a comment telling me "I am already a follower"

(2) The 2nd entry  is earned by signing up to receive the Cooking with My Food Storage  newsletter. The newsletter is the best way to know about great deals, recipes, and promotions.  When you’ve signed up, leave a comment on this blog post. This comment should include your first and last name, along with something like, “I signed up for the newsletter.” To sign up for the newsletter look on the right side of this blog, it is in the Stay Up To Date box.

 (3) The 3rd entry is earned by submitting an AWESOME Cookie Recipe. Everyone has at least one amazing cookie recipe and that is the one I want you to submit.  These recipes will be used for an upcoming surprise. 

(4) The 4th entry is earned by sharing this giveaway post. You can blog about it, tweet, or post to Facebook.   Whichever you do be sure to let me know and include a link so I can check it out.  Then comment on this post saying “I blogged about this post you can read about it at my blog:” 

Important Things to Remember:
1. Each of the four comments counts as a separate entry. If you just leave one comment that says you’ve done all three things, you’ll only be entered to win once, so be careful about that!

2. The winner will be chosen randomly, and we’ll be certain to verify that the winning entry is legitimate and fair. Any entries that aren’t in accordance with the giveaway rules will be disqualified and removed.

3.  You must be a follower of this blog to qualify.  Yes I do check to make sure you are. 

4  If you are leaving an comment as anonymous be sure to leave your name.  I can't award a price to anonymous, that would just be silly.  

It’s time to get blogging, get clicking, and get commenting!