Friday, November 17, 2017

Sweet and Savory Crepes

Sweet and Savory Crepes
*Recipe from Ashley Butler
1 cup Flour
2 tbsp. Instant Milk
6 Tbsp. Scrambled Egg Mix
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 cup Sugar

Jar Directions:  Layer ingredients in a quart-sized jar, shaking the dry powder ingredients into the bulkier items. Top with an oxygen (300 cc) packet for longer-term storage add new canning lid and hand-tighten the metal ring, OR seal with a food saver.  Cover with a new canning lid and hand-tighten the metal ring. 

Add 1 ½ cups water and contents of jar (remove O2 packet) to blender. Blend until no lumps remain.  Pour a small amount of batter onto a heated pan.  Swirl to coat.  Cook until solid.  Makes 16 crepes.

Shopping List
To make 10 Jars you’ll need
·        10 cup Flour  (That’s 1 #10 can)
·        1 ¼ cup Instant Milk (That’s ½ a pantry can)
·        7 ½ cup  Scrambled Egg Mix (That’s ¾ of a #10 can)
·        10 tsp. Salt
·        5 cup Sugar
·        10 clean quart sized mason jars with lids and rings