Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where do I keep my food storage? Behind a false wall

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Can you see the food storage in the photo above?  

No you can't?

Good, that is the whole idea.  Your food storage is organized and out of sight behind a false wall. 

(okay there really isn't any food storage behind that exact false wall, but there will be when you build it.)

Hiding food storage behind a false wall is a great idea for those that have no traditional place to put it.  If you live in an apartment, a home with no basement, or if you just have limited existing storage space than a false wall might be just the solution for you.

My favorite way to build a false wall comes from IKEA.
Do you like IKEA?  I do.  They are cleaver and they use space well.  
I have watched the video below like a hundred times.  It shows how to build a walk in closet from readymade IKEA shelving.  Now if you can use your imagination for a minute and think about how instead of installing racks to hang your clothes on think about shelves to store your food storage on.  I think you will love this idea. 

If we use the ideas in this video and apply it to food storage than you can have; a false wall with shelving for your food storage all built on a limited budget and built in an afternoon.   AWESOME!

I think this would work so well in a guest bedroom or what about in a family room.  Instead of using the exposed side as a headboard you could tuck an entertainment center in there.  

Where will you put it?