Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where do I put my food storage? Autumn’s Basement Food Storage

Autumn is lucky to have a good sized area in her unfinished basement where she stores her food storage.  The room she has houses her washer and dryer, a large chest freezer, a Harvest #10 and 5 shelves she purchased from Sam’s club  and 5 shelves she purchased at Sam's Club (for their durability for the price).

Autumn began couponing a long time ago, and she has built up a stockpile of food that she has purchased using coupons that were free or nearly free.  Autumn likes couponing because there are so many things she uses on a regular basis that she can get for pennies. 

Being frugal at the supermarket by using coupons takes quite a bit of time; at home, before the shopping trip, and once you're at the supermarket. Time is something this crazy-busy moms like Autumn, just doesn't have a lot of these days! Autumn thinks she will probably always be a thrifty, coupon-user, but she says “I love how much time Shelf Reliance and the Q has given back to me and my family.

  Autumn's one and only Harvest shelf.  Her dream is to some-day have enough Harvest #10's to give each veggie a row of it's own. Because of her lack of space one Harvest is doing all the work.
Are of some of Autumn's cansolidators.  She has 4 cansolidators divided between 2 half-shelves (We took a full shelving unit and built two half-size shelves to keep the windows free).

Autumn has one large shelving unit that holds all her home-canned products. 

Autumn has two smaller shelves (purchased at Walmart) set against the wall  that the stairs are on. She has just enough space to get between the shelves. These shelves have  toiletries (which are all divided into individual totes-purchased for .99 at Walmart, and labeled), dry cereal, snacks and baking products.

Autumn's final smaller shelf against my only remaining wall, next to my chest freezer. This holds my condiments, noodles and any other odds and ends. It's a little sparse right now, because of the lack of good sales at the supermarket lately.

Thanks for sharing Autumn!  If you would be willing to share where you put your food storage please e-mail me