Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harvest 72 #10 Shelf on Sale $229.99

My all time favorite food storage is on sale!!!

 Harvest 72 #10 Shelf on Sale  $229.99
To see the discount you MUST add it to the cart.  For some reason the sale price only shows up when it is in the cart so don't let the higher price fool you, why you add it to the cart you automatically get the sale price.

Sale ends May 20th or when supplies run out.  (I'm sure they will run out. be sure to purchase early)
Remember that sale items sometimes take longer to ship then normal.

To purchase a Harvest 72 #10

To get the home party price you must be logged in as a home party customer. As you go to check out you will be asked to log in or to register as a home party customer. Just register as a customer and you will get the sale price. Don't worry you can still review your order to make sure you get the sale price. If you choose to check out as a "guest" you will not get the sale price.

Harvest Love:  Here is how organized your food storage could be.